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Welcome to LCE Academy
Learn Real Estate Tips, Tricks and Trades!
What is LCE Academy
This training academy is built by professionals in the finance and real estate sector. It is meant to help better the necessary processes in order to be successful in the finance and real estate industry.

This process enables accuracy and proper automation to be applied to various businesses across the United States of America.
How to get started?
The modules are broken down into various sections. Each section will go into a in-depth step by step guide on what, when and how to properly execute the goal or quota needed for each business day, week or month(s).
  • Based on prior instruction determine if you are finding leads, creating presentations, talking to clients etc.
  • Once you have determined the proper task, find the step by step process on in the one of the sections labeled in the menu.
  • Follow the given instructions per section and complete in it's entirety.
  • Do not skip any steps.
  • At the end of your productive work day, you can add your results and productivity to the Google Form Productivity Tracker.
Let's get started
New Methods On Horizon
It's important that in order to succeed, that we must create new systems and operations to take full advantage of opportunity as it presents it's self. Be aware of change because it can be rapid. Be ready to adjust and contribute.
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Foreclosure Input
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[email protected]SES.COM 3177236695
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Daily Process
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Foreclosure Prospect - Expire Listing
Here is access to the folder:

And here is access to the county website for the address:

To watch the presentation you can view on a chrome browser here:
Foreclosure Prospects and Drive By
WhitePages for Research
Login WhitePages:

[email protected]

You can watch the video here by using Google Chrome:
LinkedIn Phase 1
LinkedIN Message Document Instruction
Follow Up Messages 
Access Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FSEJHQ26PhXkKRicU5jdHMffFnYUnTQSFMqRg5KdRic/edit?usp=sharing
You can send these messages to people using the following platforms:
1. LinkedIN
2. Email Messages
LinkedIn Messages & Facebook Messages
Access: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19zg6o97EBxtBMGzIZav6SIUXyQiKJfXMquvfSKmqpBg/edit?usp=sharing
Sending Email - Messages
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Q3 and Q4


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