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Role of Private Banker
Private Equity 101  
Email Set Up 
Calendly Set Up
Commercial Finance RE  
Easiest Path
Hard Money 101
Residential Hard Money
Deal Decision 
CAP Rate
Who We Want To Work With
Capital Stack
Adv. Commercial Real Estate Finance
Deal Flow
5 Data Points  
Current & Proforma NOI
Commercial REO Basics
Types of CRE Transactions
Types of CRE
Deal Structure & Process
mandatory training complete
 Schedule a meeting with Marcus and Hank
Email Alias and Bulletin Board
Creative Finance Seminar- optional
Hotel Underwriting- optional
Underwriting 101
Underwriting 202
Apartment Underwriting - optional, old tool but this Explains the concept
Underwriting 101
Underwriting 202
Note Broker- optional
Research Balance Sheet
Bonus Material- optional
Document  & Tools 
Loan Placement Call - EXAMPLE 
Previous Live Training- optional
Please be sure to save your login link:

Please be aware the training is not meant to cover everything needed for the job. this is just a primer, we will cover more advanced topics once you are done with this initial training.
The process of being a Private Banker or Commercial Finance professional will require you to accelerate your learning curve. By becoming equipped in the knowledge of commercial finance, loans, debt, equity and mezzanine finance. Throughout your tenure you will use these internal training tools to strengthen your knowledge.
Private Banker
The most prevalent job duty of a private banker is managing their clients' financial circumstances with a focus on maintaining a strong relationship between the client and the bank. Private bankers begin managing clients' complex financial matters by evaluating their current financial position. This review involves gathering information regarding total assets, such as property and business interests, balances of bank accounts, and the value of all investment portfolios. Private bankers account for a client's debt obligations and personal financial goals.
After gathering and evaluating information about a client's financial situation, a private banker makes recommendations on how to position investments and savings to achieve the client's objectives. These recommendations often include detailed portfolio positions for a client's investment accounts and the allocation of assets among certificates of deposit (CDs), conventional savings accounts and other non-traditional alternatives intended to preserve capital.

Read more: Private banker: Job description and average salary | Investopedia 
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Private banking is banking, investment and other financial services provided by banks to high-net-worth individuals with high levels of income or sizable assets.
Private Equity 101
by Leland Baptist
The most important social network for business and deals.
Summary LinkedIn (Add your email at the bottom)
Welcome to my profile! If we are not connected feel free to send me an invite!

Lee-Chandler is a multi strategy private equity firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana that makes investments in consumer distressed debt portfolios, small business merchant cash advances, distressed mortgages, high growth companies, residential and commercial real estate. As a capital management and advisory firm LC focuses on the growth of its portfolio acquisitions along with serving its portfolio companies and clients.

Lee-Chandler provides advisory debt capital through its multiple lending platforms with over 200 registered lenders for clients with commercial real estate, corporate finance, small business and equipment financing needs.

Product lines include:
1. Unsecured Lines of Credit
2. Revenue Based Lines of Credit
3. Revenue Based Advance
4. Merchant Cash Advance
5. Business Lines of Credit
6. Inventory Financing
7. Purchase Order Financing
8. Equipment Leasing
9. Accounts Receivables Factoring
10. CMBS loans
11. Agency loans
12. Fixed Income
13. Bridge Financing

Help small-medium size businesses, investors and entrepreneurs raise capital for;
- Working Capital
- Acquisitions
- Expansion
- Start-Ups

If you have a transaction you would like me to review please email me: [email protected]
Talking Points
Skills and Expertise
Commensurate real estate professional with strong experience in real estate principalling and transactional finance.

Commercial Real Estate Finance
Our Company’s clients are folks who are looking for debt and/or equity for acquiring commercial real estate assets, or sponsors who are seeking to repurchase their loans and/or recapitalize/restructure their existing assets from ranging from $1 - 30 million.

Structured products we arrange are bridge loans, equity, preferred equity and mezzanine capital.

Specializing in joint venture equity for improved property and land development projects for sponsors and operators who cannot readily access capital from traditional banking sources.

Capital Formation and Introduction for Real Estate Transactions
Our company has proven ability to structure simple and complex real estate transactions for real estate sponsors both at the fund level and at the individual asset level across the capital spectrum to minimize dilution and optimize the capital structure. Often these solutions involve a hybrid of debt and equity.Using our distribution capabilities, we target a specific group of investors- either retail or institutional - and organize meetings that can effectively maximize our sponsor’s time.

Bulk Asset Purchases
Our company also provides liquidity for banks, hard money lenders and other lenders with legacy assets on their balance sheet. This includes a “bad bank” joint venture option.We invest proprietary capital in real estate opportunities within the United States. Our investment professionals identify, structure and finance the acquisition of real estate assets principally through credit-sensitive residential mortgage assets and other debt interests.

Our clients include institutions and sophisticated high net worth investors. We continually evaluate our product line and encourage innovation within the firm.
Lee-Chandler Enterprises is a financial services company that seeks to provide entrepreneurs and small businesses owners with investment opportunities through equity or creative financing solutions. 
Skills & Expertise
Investment property acquisition, investments, real estate, due diligence, valuation, real estate transactions, real estate finance, commercial mortgages, CMBS, Bulk REO, non-performing loans, re-performing loans, performing loans, capital formation, capital introduction, syndication, investment marketing, real estate capital, real estate investment banking
Communication With LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn Groups - JV Capital and Institutional Investors (Capital Placement) 
We’re a boutique capital advisory firm located in [Insert City]. Many of our commercial operators are facing term defaults and are looking to align with institutional capital sources as our lender clients are calling their notes due. I’d like to add you to our institutional network.
Thank you.
LinkedIn Groups - Commercial Owners and Operators (Capital Placement)
We’re a boutique capital advisory firm located in [Insert City]. Many of the opportunities we’re seeing are smaller community lenders looking to pare off performing or non-performing loans because their current sponsors are weak. As an asset operator, I’d like to add you to our network of sponsors we’d like to fund when these scenarios arise.
Thank you.
LinkedIn Groups - Institutional Bulk REO and NPNs (Asset Arbitrage)
We’re a boutique residential loan trader located in [Insert City]. We specialize in assisting smaller community lenders and private mortgage lenders (hard money lenders) move non-performing, performing assets off of their balance sheet.
LinkedIn Groups - Residential Hard Money Lenders (Capital Placement)
We’re a private commercial capital provider (debt and equity) and from time to time we see residential opportunities that fall outside of our wheelhouse. I’d like to be able to present these opportunities to you when they come across our desk.
LinkedIn Groups - Commercial Real Estate Finance
We’re a boutique capital advisory firm located in [Insert City]. We provide debt and equity to commercial operators who have found something interesting to buy but they don’t have all the capital they need, or need to get out of a loan because they are facing either a technical or monetary default.
This section is out dated and does not apply to new interns. you may skip to the commercial finance RE section. you are free to watch the videos if you like but it is not required. Should we start issuing emails again you will be notified.
Email & Streak
by Leland Baptist
For simplicity the email that we use is called Google Suite.
Google Suite is the most interactive and secured email suite for business.
Streak By GMAIL
If you have a hard time accessing the streak tool what you want to do is google "chrome web store". And type in "Streak" make sure that you have your login for your company gmail active.

*streak does cause the inbox to lag a bit when the browser opens it. give the program time to open streak before opening you emails. you can tell streak is on by looking at the left of the window. streak pipeline and mail mergers will appear once the plugin has loaded.
Google Chrome Plugin 
Install the Streak Extension
  1. In a Chrome or Safari browser, go to to install Streak.
  2. Scroll to find the orange button to Install Streak for Gmail.
  3. A popup will come up to confirm installation, click Add Extension.
  4. You'll then see a notice in the top of your browser informing you that the Streak extension was successfully installed.

How do I install the Streak extension? | Streak Support 
Streak Installation & Tracking
This section is out dated and does not apply to new interns. you may skip to the commercial finance RE section. you are free to watch the videos if you like but it is not required. Should we require calendly again you will be notified. 
Commercial REO
by Leland Baptist
Setting up your calendar.
Easiest Path
by Leland Baptist
This is the easiest path to get into real estate investing.
Federal Housing 
Don't let the name alone steer you away. FHA stands for Federal Housing Authority. This is a program that was birthed in the 1950's to give renters plagued with high interest rates the ability to purchase homes and boost the economy.
These programs have the lowest barrier to entry and are great for high school and college graduates.
Hard Money Reading
by Leland Baptist
Simple to understand book on capital pools and yield assessments. 
The information that you will learn from this book will enable you to be positioned as an authority for your clients and institutional lenders.
by Leland Baptist
It's important to understand the language of commercial finance.
To access all documents you must be connected and logged into the Lee Chandler Enterprises Email account.
Residential Hard Money
by Leland Baptist
Treat it as if it is your own money.
Deal Decision Tree
by Leland Baptist
If the deal does not make sense, it will not make money.
CAP Rate
by Leland Baptist
What is a CAP Rate?
Capitalization rate, commonly known as cap rate, is a rate that helps in evaluating a real estate investment. Cap rate = Net operating income / Current market value (Sales price) of the asset.
Description:Capitalization rate shows the potential rate of return on the real estate investment.
Who We Want To Work With
Capital Stack
Deal Flow
by Leland Baptist
Learn the areas that you should focus on to generate more deals.
Quick Analysis
5 Data Points
by Leland Baptist
Using the 5 data points allows you to get a quick understanding of any property especially commercial real estate.
by Leland Baptist
NOI is the Net Operating Income.
Net operating income (NOI) is simply the annual income generated by an income-producing property after taking into account all income collected from operations, and deducting all expenses incurred from operations.
When you are able to find the NOI you're able to give a realistic value on any asset.
Commercial REO
Understanding Commercial REO
by Leland Baptist
REO purchases are a fantastic way to build wealth. This is how you are able to acquire a large group of assets at discount.
Distressed Asset Process
Distressed Commercial
REO does not mean that someone is not in the property.
Types of Transactions
How To Play The Baseball Game
Deal Structure & Process
Life Cycle
You have completed the mandatory training and are now ready to join the team. Email [email protected] and [email protected] and tell them us have completed the mandatory training. We will schedule a meeting to discuss the training and answer any questions you have. We will also discuss your team placement and first assignment.

The rest of the sections are optional, these mainly contain previous live training sessions and walkthroughs for some of the older tools. while we may not use the tools now the concepts the tools use are generally the same as the new ones. if you have some spare time i recommend watching the tool discussions and the creative finance seminar. while the seminar is quite long, it shows off some of the deals that can be accomplished through creative financing. It also shows the material you have just covered in real world scenarios.
*note this only applies to the bulletin board now. emails have been replaced by the helpdesk system. we will walk through that after your initial training.

This section is for after your meeting with Hank and Marcus, we have to add you to the team roster before you can set up email aliases or open the bulletin board.

The link to the bulletin board is

I recommend bookmarking the link. I keep it updated after every meeting with the assignments for each intern. It also contains links to the meeting recordings, the orientation slideshow, meeting links, etc.

The video below will walk you through setting up your email alias.
101 Underwriting
by Leland Baptist on Nov 13, 2020
In this video, you will learn how to find and analyze hotel deals.
by Leland Baptist on Nov 14, 2020
Understand Demand Drivers.
by Leland Baptist on Nov 18, 2020
Use the below video needed to see how to complete analyzer.
Tool Below
Please use the downloads to take the proper action.
by Leland Baptist on Nov 13, 2020
Occupancy and revenue.
by Leland Baptist on Nov 14, 2020
In this video, you will learn advanced strategies to not only find and analyze deals but find opportunities that others miss.
by Leland Baptist on Nov 18, 2020
In this video, you will learn how to use the Apartment Analyzer Spreadsheet to analyze apartment deals.
Tool Below
Please use the downloads to take the proper action.
Bank Assets and Liabilities
Balance Sheet
by Leland Baptist on May 24, 2018
Use the below video needed to see how to find balance sheets for FDIC banks.
Tools Below
Please use the downloads to take the proper action.
Use these documents as great guides and tools to better serve your client and also be more organized. 
-please note the assignment have changed. message [email protected] to be assigned to a position on the active teams
Recording Call Example
This call is about how to have placement of a loan very straight forward with a lender while speaking the proper lingo and following up.
Important Links

Below are essential websites that have power to use for business for commercial finance.

Research Congressional Bills & Legislation

Research Politicians & Finances

Loan Brokering:

*Scroll to the middle of the page for “Lender Search Engines and Directories”

Public Records, Foreclosures, Probates, etc.

*Use the following way to look up foreclosures

Case Number


The “1805” means 2018,05 (May 2018) 

Research Bank Balance Sheets

*Use research the banks on the FDIC website for balance sheets

Locate Ownership of Property in Marion County

Network & Connect with Professional Borrowers, Institutions Borrowers of Notes ect.

Federal Reserve Notes & Updates

Great Video To Refer To For Commercial Finance Consulting


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Offering Memorandum - Apartments
Group Intern Meeting Overview
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